• Surface Speaker

    A wall hanging, wireless speaker made from wood.

    Bridging the worlds of art and technology, Surface seeks to find a new area in sound design. Using two transducers, vibrations pass through the material, and the entire surface transmits sound. Not bound by traditional technology, it is open to of a design of sculptural quality to be hung from a wall, departing from the idea of a standard 'bookshelf' speaker. The form is also designed in a way that facilitates even sound dispersion for an impressive room filling experience, wherever you listen.

    Extensive research was performed in material and technology to find an optimal sound. Working with world-leading bent wood manufacturers in Europe, precision and quality is ensured across each piece. Layers of plywood are pressed within a large mould, and then the forms are cut via cnc milling.

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  • Crown Jewels UK Rings

    Collaboration with Dutch designer Lex Pott to release a UK version of his crown jewels rings. Coins represent a real versus a nominal value. History shows that ancient coins represented a real value of the material. Currently value is based on agreements. This project shows the transformation of function and value related to the material. Coins are reduced to an outline showing their new value as being jewellery / rings. This everyday object is reshaped and re-purposed to create an entirely different item using a small intervention.The aim of the project is to create a collection of jewellery linked to the tradition of crown jewels that now become accessible to everyone and open the discussion on value of material.

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  • ‘Short’ Chair

    Coming soon!   - Short Chair by Oliver Staiano
  • Project Play

    Finalist Lexus Design Award 2016
    Selected by Wallpaper* Magazine for upcoming design talent in 2015. See Press
    Bio /
    Project Play comprises of a series of table lamps, with each object made by a standalone machine. Aiming to create new value between object and user, honest focus and magnification is put on the manufacturing process. Geometrically simple but materially complex; their value aims to be enhanced through long term interaction with carefully select and playful material properties.
    About / Lamps
    The lamp bodies are created with a magnetic rubber, founded through a blend of ferrous powder and silicone. With a magnet encased inside the head of the lamp, it is then to able to be positioned freely around the body, benefiting an engagement of playful interaction between user and object.   Please view the film of process at the end of this gallery.
  • V Speaker

    V Speaker Bio /
    V speaker, the freestanding wireless unit delivers impeccable audio to your living room. The speaker offers itself in a multitude of functions including wireless device connectivity, high end audio and a wireless charge bay. When you listen or whilst you don’t, the dynamic surface opens itself up to your imagination. Whether it's wireless charge, place for your pocket contents or home to your Bonsai.
    About / Project /
    Whilst looking at the current array of speaker design an opportunity was sought to pursue a new angle for design approach. The V speaker looks to push through the notion of the modern day speaker’s function whilst maintaining high quality audio. Issues were addressed using multi functionality, positive ambiguity, sound enhancing internal geometry and high quality material finishes. Please contact for further info.
  • Threefold Brochure

    threefold /ˈθriːfəʊld/ adjective Three times as great or as numerous.

    The project encompassed the design and branding of Nottingham Trent University’s annual Product Design brochure. The brochure is the first of its kind in the fact that it incorporates all three disciplines of Product Design, with each student showcasing two pieces of work. The book features a white fabric bind, foiled detail on the back face and the Threefold logo on the cover, blind embossed into Colourplan ‘Real Grey’ from GF Smith.